Do you have merchandise to sell?

Are you a retailer, supplier or wholesaler? Are you targeting the South African market? Do you want a flexible and diverse yet easy way to sell online.

If your answer to the above is “Yes”, then Ziinto is what you are looking for.

Ziinto allow both retailers and wholesalers to sell and do business on the platform in a pleasant and convenient manner. It is one of a few platforms globally that bring together the retailers and wholesalers in effortless way.

What can you do on Ziinto?

Store Design

You can design your store to look the way you want using our easy drag and drop page designer?

Store Insights

Get insight in the form of reports and statements and monitor the performance of your store.

Manage Coupons

Vendors can set and manage their own coupons and discounts by themselves.

Easy Withdraws

Vendors can easily withdraw their money

Various Products

You can sell simple, variable, measurement based products, bookable, print on demand as well as downloadable products.

Flexi Settings

Your store can be setup and configured in just about anyway imaginable

Point Of Sale

Your store comes with an integrated point of sale system, allowing you to sell offline as well.

Flexi Shipping

Vendors can use their own shipping methods or use popular couriers.

Next level commerce

What can you sell on Ziinto?

You can sell anything which falls with our product category .i.e. computers, electronics, appliances, furniture and more . We particularly keen on these items.

  1. Grocery Supply
  2. Clothing Suppliers
  3. Building and Hardware
  4. Car Parts
  5. Furniture Suppliers

How to get started