Be the boss of your own empire!

Sell various products of different types to your friends, family and colleagues. Sell health and beauty products, fashion and accessories, herbal medication, electronic gadgets and more.


Earn when buying products or recruiting people is all about creating and sharing vibrant economic opportunities. By becoming an affiliate you will receive discounts of up to 40% when you purchase products.

You can also refer online buyers by using your affiliate link and other marketing material that we provide you and earn great commission.

Benefits Of Ziinto

Sell a wide range of products

With Ziinto, you can sell any of the products that we offer or you can specialise on a  certain product categories e.g. Herbal Medicine, the choice is entirely yours

Work where and when you want

You can work from home, on vacation or in the office plus you choose when you want to work. How much you work is driven by what you want, you are your own boss.

Get all necessary support

You will never be on your own, we are always there to help you with what ever you need help with to ensure the success of your business.

Build Your Team

How to earn

You earn by selling our products which you buy at a discount make the difference as your profit. You can also earn by referring online buyers using your link or marketing material. We have thousands of products to choose from and growing.

Here is an example:

You sell a product for


You get it for


You profit


We give you more reasons to smile

Using your affiliate link to refer shoppers you can earn as follows

Earn 6% Profit Share

From your first sale of R300 or more

Earn 10% Profit Share

By reaching a threshold of R5,000 in sales

Earn 12% Profit Share

By reaching a threshold of R20,000 in sales

Earn 15% Profit Share

By reaching a threshold of R100,000 in sales

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